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Home from Gerihun!

We are home safely from our Fall 2017 trip.  Here is a link to a photo album of the training.  

The trip was full and a lot of fun:

  • Trained 24 MOMS Community Health Workers for the Baoma Chiefdom, just east of Bo City.  
  • Graduated three trainers, who finished a two-year course of study. 
  • Met with the MOMS Leadership Council, introducing the new member from the recent class.
  • Certified the faculty at the School of Midwifery at Bo to be teachers of the Helping Babies Breathe and Essential Care for Every Baby programs.  (We hope to work more with the school.)
  • Met with representatives from a small non-profit beginning to work in the Bo area (where our HQ is located).  Good possibilities for working together!
  • Named Donnell Robert Ndeleh Seisay, baby son of Jitta Rogers-Seisay and Alpha Seisay, MOMS’ staffers.  Here is a link to pictures.  

Below is a video showing an impromptu dance in honor of the uterus!  The women make up songs and dances, and generally enjoy learning!

We are so happy and fully satisfied by this trip.  And we are planning the next ones!


Here is the team, save Alpha Seisay who is behind the camera.  This includes MOMS President Christie McManus, MOMS Education Director Trish Ross, MOMS Training Manager Jitta Rogers-Seisay, MOMS Trainers Lydia Thomas and Jo Fortune, and MOMS Leadership Council members.  

The next trips to Sierra Leone

In the June 2018 trip, we hope to teach in the Bo or Pujehun Districts again.  We will start a new cohort of Trainers, to prepare them to teach our Community Health Worker curriculum.  Our new relationship with the School of Midwifery of Bo may bear more fruit, with us teaching the faculty skills in the Helping Mothers Survive series of classes.  We will have an international team of three.  

For October 2018, a Jamboree will feature strongly.  We celebrate and study at these events.  The women love them.  We will also train a new group of community health workers and continue training trainers.  

We aim to have the newly certified MOMS Trainers teach at least two more classes next year on their own.  This will double our reach!  Wanna help?  Click here.  


If you want to read more about our trips, you can subscribe to our newsletter, below.  We send these out six or seven times a year.  

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Many of you like to support us with the specific items we need.  And we love getting those packages!  We set up a wishlist at Amazon.com for this.  If you use AmazonSmile, MOMS also receives about .5% of the purchase price!  How cool is that?  https://smile.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/23TIOKIM25NM8

What is MOMS?

Briefly, MOMS is a humanitarian, non-profit agency whose mission is to improve maternal and infant health in the poorest areas of the world. MOMS' teams build capacity among the women in the rural areas.  We teach the traditional birth attendants (their own choice of term) four things:

  • To be the bridge between the community and the clinic system
  • To make changes to solve women's health problems
  • To provide evidence-based maternity care
  • To teach their neighbors about women’s health needs, sanitation, and nutrition 

For more information, see the MOMS Mission pages.  

You can help!

If you want to work with us, see Volunteer! on this website.  If you are not able to travel to Africa, remember that we need help with social media, fundraising, grant-writing, secretarial work, research, etc.  

You can send MOMS a check, to PO Box 1656, Gualala, CA  95445.  Or you can donate electronically.  Just click this button:  

Our Accomplishments - with your support!

Since 2006, MOMS’ teams have made 18 trips to Sierra Leone, ranging from two to 13 weeks per trip. 

  • Initial Training:  342 women in ten cohorts
  • Continuing Education:  225 women have taken over a dozen classes
  • Helping Babies Breathe:  32 people, including four instructors at the School of Midwifery in Bo
  • Essential Care for Every Baby:  10 people, including the School of Midwifery faculty
  • Gardening businesses established:  five groups
  • Palm oil business established:  eight groups
  • Clinic built, supplied, and staffed
  • Leadership Council established, and working to solve problems
  • Three new local trainers in preparation to work independently
  • MOMS Community Health Workers included in the District Medical Health Team
  • Maternal or fetal mortality related to MOMS CHW errors:  0

We have also made two trips to Uganda to teach at Kitojo Integrated Development Association.

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