2019 report

another successful program!

The women of Segbwema send their greetings! These women in Daru delighted in their graduation ceremony and new uniforms - and little Donnell wanted to participate, too!

In June-July 2019, we taught two classes at once! With the skill and commitment of our three local trainers and the international duo of Chris McManus and Trish Ross, we certified a total of 51 women as MOMS Community Health Workers. One class was at Nixon Memorial Hospital in Segbwema, Kailahun District.

We taught health workers for the hospital and for the free, government-sponsored maternity clinic in Segbwema. For the other class, we returned to Daru, Kailahun District, where we first taught in 2009. In this class, we welcomed students from all the areas of the Kailahun District where we have taught. Because of attrition, we must return periodically and certify new people to take the place of those who have died, moved away, or retired. Daru and Segbwema are about 10 miles apart on a good, paved road, so the daily trip was fairly easy. Near the end of the trip, a petrol shortage caused us a little nail-biting, but we finally filled the tank (at a premium price!)

Some mornings, we were a little fuzzy on who was going where, with whom, and to teach what, but all ended up going well. Our Certified Trainers in Sierra Leone allow for this flexibility and reach, and you made that happen by supporting our Train-the-Trainer program. The incremental cost of doubling our reach this trip was mostly in the fuel needed for transport. The new CHWs and the women they care for are grateful.

They say “thank you” for all your help. In March, MOMS team of Certified Trainers graduated this class in the TIkonko Chiefdom, down the road from where we trained in 2015. We’d been trying to get back to this area for several years. Thanks to funding from the Rural Healthcare Initiative and the hard work of our Trainers, it finally happened!