MOMS Goals and Dreams

MOMS goal is to improve the health of women and babies through education and service, with an emphasis on those with the greatest needs and fewest resources.   

MOMS was created to make a difference for West African women.  Several US Midwives saw a need and took action, creating MOMS to provide education and training for West African women.  Then the events of Autumn 2001 limited MOMS early efforts to bring women to the US to study.  So, the young school targeted US students who might want to travel to serve others.  After a few years of this, the board realized that they strayed too far from the original goal, and closed the school.  MOMS pivoted back to serving West African women more directly.  

in 2005, MOMS returned to Senegal, then was invited to Sierra Leone in 2006.  After conducting a needs assessment, MOMS piloted a program to prepare traditional birth attendants to function as government-authorized community health workers.  

MOMS dreams of a society where women rejoice at wanted pregnancies and can assume that they will get competent and respectful care, including support with breastfeeding, nutrition, family planning, and other concerns.  

To reach our goals, we do three things:

  • Prepare women to be problem-solvers for their whole community, especially for the pregnant women.

  • Train women in the skills and knowledge they need to make changes in the community, educate others, and support local pregnant women, especially with prenatal and postnatal care.

  • Advocate for effective maternity care to all women.
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                    This is the road to a village where we have worked many times.  
                   Our hope is that people who are this remote have excellent care.  

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