2013 Summer

IMG 0154

This picture was taken on our way out of Pellie - on our way in, the log on the left was about six inches further out - seriously.  The tires hung two to three inches off the logs as the driver, Trish Ross, inched across.  The team begged the village elders to have a work group adjust these logs, and we were much relieved to see the improved positioning.  Trish was able to confidently roll across, while women doing laundry in the stream watched.

IMG 0153

You see the open space just to the right of center?  That is the road.  This is a beautiful country with terrible roads.  Four-wheel-drive is an essential feature for driving through swamps like this.  

IMG 0105

In Pellie, the team (from left, Ami Burnham, Buffy Price, Mamie Lamin - MOMS Advisory Council Member, and Trish Ross) discusses the class session planned for the next day.  

IMG 0148

Two children whose births were attended by MOMS TBAs.  The children and their mothers are happy - and alive!  The births of these children involved complications that MOMS TBAs handle correctly since their training.  

IMG 0177

MOMS' Team chats with the MOMS TBAs and several village women at the clinic in Ngolahun.  The women described what the MOMS TBAs taught them about nutrition and hydration - information that was completely new to them.  

IMG 0399

Handweavers using local cotton to make beautiful strips of fabric.  These are scarves with "Friends of Sierra Leone" woven into them in Sierra Leone's national colors of blue, white and green.  They also sew strips together to make the traditional Mende blankets.  The quality is excellent. 

IMG 0410

Ultimately, 22 women crowded into this space for their continuing education.  They were thrilled to learn about breast cancer, and how to teach others to perform a breast self-examination.  They already have plans to teach all the women attending the prenatal clinic and under-five child clinic days.  They are planning ways to reach the older women and teen girls, too.  

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