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Choosing midwifery schools

Here are a few articles and tools for considering which midwifery school might work best for you.
Choosing a Midwifery Education Program. This includes a set of questions to ask midwifery program staff, and discussion about possible answers.
Assessing a Midwifery Education Program. This is a spreadsheet to record features, costs, and time needed for up to six programs. It also includes a section for you to note your values and set priorities about your education, then assessing each program you consider.

October 2019. A Great Brochure and 2020 Plans
July 2019. Two Classes!
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December 2018. After Massam
July 2018. Happy Trip: Granddaughter and New Trainers
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September 2017 Lots of “New”s!
July 2017: Babies and “A”s!
March 2017: Spring is Springing!
December 2016: A Jamboree and a Classy Class
November 2016: We’re (Almost) on Our Way!
September 2016: Our Next Class is Coming Soon!
July 2016: Roller Coasters!
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December 2015: New web site, new hope
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August 2015: Hard and Good Work in Sierra Leone
March 2015: Partnership in Uganda
December 2014: Bleach vs Ebola
November 2014: Empowering Women on #Giving Tuesday
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March 2014: A New Office, A New Class, and A Jamboree
December 2013: MOMS 2013 Update
September 2013: Poised to Blanket the District!
MOMS’ Education Director, Trish Ross, wrote an article for student midwives wanting clinical experience outside the United States. You can find the article in SQUAT Birth Journal, Summer 2013, page 30. Here is a link to the pdf file:
SQUAT Birth Journal: Midwifery Studies Overseas
MOMS’ President, Chris McManus, presented a paper at the Post-Colonial Theological Network conference in Kenya, in May of 2014. It has now been published in the book, the Postcolonial Church, available here.
Here is a link to the paper: God Incarnate Cannot Be Colonized

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