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We give lots of choices for helping.  First you will see how to donate.  Then, scroll down for more information about how we spend money and how to volunteer in other ways.  


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Where your gifts go….

We have no paid US staff, and volunteers raise money to pay their own way to and from Sierra Leone.  

We use money for the following things:  

  • Teaching aids
  • Grants for the women we train
  • Salaries for our Sierra Leonean staff
  • Food, travel, and housing for the teams while teaching 
  • The costs of operating legally and effectively:  Government fees, telephone, this website, etc.  

More about Teaching Aids

Remember the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words?"  When teaching, a picture is worth a thousand words.  A model is worth ten thousand words.  A simulator is worth one hundred thousand words!  

We teach many subjects, and need a variety of visual aids.  

  • Anatomy and physiology 
  • Fetal development     
  • Labor and delivery                           
  • Newborn care                                  
  • Nutrition    

Charts and models deteriorate in the high humidity.  The lamination on the charts peels apart and the paper molds.  The flannel grams we use to teach nutrition get matted and dingy.  

A full set of models and charts costs about $2,000.  Each year we spend about $300 to update them.  

We would also like to get some simulators, which cost between $600 and $5,000.  Some day….

A Word about Team Support

We teach.  We don't provide a lot of stuff that we must replenish.  So our costs are mostly for caring for the team -- feeding, housing, transporting.  It is the team that builds the relationships that are the foundation for our success.

To get to a rural village with our team, visual aids, and equipment requires us to rent a strong vehicle.  The roads are awful, so we tear holes in tires, break tie rods, bend running boards, etc. 

The per diem to feed, transport, and house one volunteer is about $25.  This provides nutritious meals, safe water, and housing.  

”Overhead" refers to salaries, government fees, phone charges, internet access, and so on - the tedious stuff we must have and do to get the work done.  The Government of Sierra Leone requires us to have an office, certain furniture, signs, etc.  Without “overhead” we have to close our doors. Thank you for understanding.


MOMS uses few volunteers in Sierra Leone.  As part of our mission, we are developing local people to teach well and administer the program.  At times, we will take someone with us who meets all qualifications. 

We do need board members. Board members set strategy and guide decisions.  Board members are ambassadors for MOMS, talking about the work and asking people to help.  Board members keep MOMS going by raising money and good will.  

If you are interested in volunteering, download this document and study it.  This document targets those who wish to travel with us.  Here is an application for the Board. Then ask questions!  

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