Christie McManus

Board President

Chris earned four degrees, in history, education, theology, and business. She retired from a career as an executive in a utility company, where she led multi-disciplinary teams and acted as an expert witness. She is now the Editor of the Independent Coast Observer, a weekly newspaper in the Mendocino-Sonoma, CA, coastal area. Volunteering has been part of her life since childhood. She has been involved with women’s health, HIV/AIDS, and food programs over the decades. She joined MOMS board in 2004 and has been an active member since. Traveling to Africa as a volunteer more than 20 times, she has been team leader, teacher, and multi-purpose pair of hands. Chris has volunteered and was employed in various roles in several non-profit organizations, including Planned Parenthood, Shanti Project, and AIDS Health Project. Chris is an ordained minister in the Episcopal Church. She lives in Northern California with her spouse and dogs, and has five grown children and eight grandchildren.