Joining the Board

MOMS has between five and fifteen members.  As of January, 2019, we have seven board members, and we would like to add a couple more people.  

Board Members meet eight to ten times a year via to discuss strategy and make sensible decisions in keeping with our mission and values.  You can review our mission, values, and philosophy by clicking the About MOMS link in the menu.  

We expect Directors to contribute financially and with their time.  Many people vaguely like MOMS work, but to be a Director, a person needs to do more than like the work!  MOMS is small, and each person makes a difference in what we can accomplish.  

In addition to commonsense qualifications, Directors must have a strong commitment to MOMS’ purpose.  Directors must be fans of MOMS’ work and advocates for the organization and programs.  Directors must know or commit to learning about Africa, midwifery, maternal health, and non-profit leadership, and the specific issues that face MOMS.  These issues often center on doing international development from an post-colonial or anti-colonial position.

We ask all Board Members to read two books promptly on joining the board:  A Book for Midwives and Helping Health Workers Learn; both are published by the Hesperian Foundation. The first provides good insight into the content of our courses, and the second represents much of our approach and philosophy.  

The “commonsense qualifications” mentioned above include the following: 

  • Able to think critically and articulate perspectives politely and clearly 
  • Cooperative and respectful
  • Willing to suspend judgement to learn 
  • Experienced in managing a business or serving on a board
  • Clean legal record
  • Clean financial record 

To learn more, download the By-Laws and the Board Handbook.  Then, if being a Director seems good to you, download, complete, and submit the application.  

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