Welcome to Midwives on Missions of Service — MOMS.  We make a difference in the lives of women who have fewest options.  

Learn about what we do and why.  How about our curriculum?  Who is MOMS team?  What other organizations do we work with?  Do you need our official EIN to confirm our nonprofit status?
What’s  Sierra Leone like?  A small photo album is here. 

Jamboree #5: 2023 is coming fast:  March 18-20!!  We will dance and sing, of course.  We will have a Skit Contest, where each District will show their best work!  We will also provide continuing education.  Jamborees are a great time for all MOMS CHWs to gather, share ideas, and commiserate!  This is going to be good!  

Each District will have a distinctive uniform for the occasion.  Below you see MOMS Staffer, Jitta Rogers Seisay check the polo shirts at the printer’s shop.  Quality assurance!  It says, Jamboree 2023:  Making a Difference:  Kpeje Bongre (the name of a chiefdom where we taught several classes).



A class preparing a new skit to show off what they learned and to prepare to teach others!  

MOMS educates and trains.  MOMS’ learners use their knowledge and skill as a platform to amplify their voices. 

MOMS prepares women to become Community Health Workers and to support their neighbors.  MOMS learners gain a much-valued skill and move toward independence.  Their neighbors receive thoughtful, evidence-based maternity care and have a role model to guide them to better health.  MOMS CHWs share their hope and pride with their community.  This is a win-win situation!

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