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What does MOMS do?

MOMS makes a difference. We improve maternal and newborn health by teaching local women to provide excellent maternity care and to make changes in their communities.

The women we trained chose the tagline, "
Empowering women to make a difference." They are proud that they make a difference that extends beyond themselves and their families into the whole community.

These local women save lives and improve health, which makes their communities a better place to live. That benefit spreads across the country and into the whole world.

MOMS teaches in areas where women have few choices and great need. We were invited to Sierra Leone, West Africa, in 2006. Since then we have trained and certified 782 women across the southern and eastern areas. We teach women to effectively provide care, teach their neighbors, connect their communities to the clinics, and solve problems.

Small international teams (1-3 people) join the Sierra Leonean team twice a year for about 6-8 weeks each trip. We also certified Sierra Leoneans to teach our comprehensive curriculum. The local teams also teach every year. Our aim is to transition all the teaching to the local teams, and we are getting close!

Each teaching team works carefully to build rapport and be a role model of humility, patience, respect, and excellence.

Team in clinic at Ngiehun

Our local staff travel regularly to our training sites to help with problems and rejoice with accomplishments. They travel monthly in the dry season.

Our Leadership Council, including one member elected from each training site, will meet several times in 2024. Their job is to advise each other and the management team about issues and set priorities. They ensure communication within their groups and with local officials.

The graphic below shows our programs and the values they exemplify.

MOMS model of functioning

What is next for MOMS?

An international team is going back! We will teach in April-May in two villages in the Peje Chiefdom of the Pujehun District.

Here is a link to see the region around Futa and Pejewa. Pejewa is east of Futa. Both are small villages; Futa is on a paved road, while Pejewa is more rural.

We'll certify 60-70 people as CHWs, and we hope to finish the certification of the current class of trainers. Student trainers must each teach at least 8 of our 21 modules well, translate 4 classes correctly, pass the CHW exam with 80% or better, and pass the final trainer examination with 70% or better. This group is making good progress. We are very happy with them!

MOMS Logo militant women

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