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We make a difference in the lives of women who have fewest options.  


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Learn about what we do and why.  How about our curriculum?  Who is MOMS team?  What other organizations do we work with?  Do you need our official EIN to confirm our nonprofit status?  What’s  Sierra Leone like?  A small photo album is here. 


We have tickets for THREE people!  Trish Ross (MOMS Education Director) and Madi K will travel for seven weeks, while MOMS President, Chris McManus, will join us for two of those weeks.  We will leave the US late October and return early December.  This is very exciting for us in a couple of ways.  

  • We will continue our Train-the-Trainer session with our six new student trainers!
  • We will work much closer to the diamond fields than ever before!
  • We will include another fully qualified family member on the team!  
Madi pic

Above is Madi K, who will join us in the Fall of 2023.  
She is an excellent teacher and smart.  She likes coffee!  
We are glad to have her on our team.  


We bought a motorcycle earlier this month.  Thank you so much for your generosity!  Our staff has already been traveling on it.  They are thrilled with the convenience and the reduced cost.  This is good!  

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The staff hauled the new bike into the HQ for safekeeping.  Here they take a breather from wrestling it up the stairs to the back verandah — and to take a snapshot!  Pretty, yes?  


MOMS educates and trains.  MOMS’ learners use their knowledge and skill as a platform to amplify their voices. 

MOMS prepares women to become Community Health Workers and to support their neighbors.  MOMS learners gain a much-valued skill and move toward independence.  Their neighbors receive thoughtful, evidence-based maternity care and have a role model to guide them to better health.  MOMS CHWs share their hope and pride with their community.  This is a win-win situation!

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