MOMS People

MOMS is people, although it is also a legal organization.  

MOMS is primarily the women we train:  Currently, we are 750 Community Health Workers in Sierra Leone.  

MOMS is also our Sierra Leonean staff:  Alpha B. Seisay, Jitta Rogers Seisay, Lydia Thomas, and Zainab Massaquoi.  

MOMS is our Sierra Leonean Leadership Council:  18 women chosen by their classmates to provide leadership.

MOMS is our donors.  We could not do the work unless others help us provide the money to feed and house trainers, to teach with visual aids, to travel to the remote sites to spend time with the people, and to do so many other essential tasks.  For more about our donors, click here.  

MOMS is our Board:

  • Trish Brown
  • Drew Fagan
  • John Ferrante
  • DyAnna Gordon
  • Nina Kisch
  • Seth Longacre
  • Marcia Macomber
  • Chris McManus, President
  • Trish Ross, Education Director
  • Stephanie Siebert

For pictures of the board, click here.  

Here is a image of how everyone fits together:  

Consider joining us!  Find information and applications on our Help MOMS! page.  

To prepare, read Helping Health Workers Learn and A Book for Midwives.  Both are available from the Hesperian Foundation.

And MOMS could not work at all without our donors.  We are so grateful.  

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