MOMS People

MOMS is people, although it is also a legal organization.  

MOMS is primarily the women we train:  Currently, we are 750 Community Health Workers in Sierra Leone.  

MOMS is also our Sierra Leonean staff:  Alpha B. Seisay, Jitta Rogers Seisay, Lydia Thomas, and Josephine Wais.  

MOMS is our Sierra Leonean Leadership Council:  18 women chosen by their classmates to provide leadership.

MOMS is our Board:

  • Trish Brown
  • Drew Fagan
  • John Ferrante
  • DyAnna Gordon
  • Nina Kisch
  • Seth Longacre
  • Marcia Macomber
  • Chris McManus, President
  • Trish Ross, Education Director
  • Stephanie Siebert

Consider joining us!  Find information and applications on our Help MOMS! page.  

To prepare, read Helping Health Workers Learn and A Book for Midwives.  Both are available from the Hesperian Foundation.

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