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APRIL 2023

Jamboree 5:  2023 was a spectacular success.  Over 525 MOMS CHWs gathered with representatives from the local governments, the Ministry of Health, and other non-profits, to show off what they have learned and what they are doing.  The audience was wowed.  One member from the Ministry of Health said he knew we were doing good work, but he was seeing outstanding work!  Someone else from a non-profit serving similar demographics called later to explore how to work together.  Someone else asked us to go work in his hometown.  

The women were delighted.  They sang their best songs and performed their best skits.  They really enjoyed meeting old friends and making new friends with their ”MOMS Sisters.”  

The keynote and other speakers praised the women for the obvious improvements in women’s health in their communities and for their diligence.  

We paraded down one of the main streets of Bo, Sierra Leone’s second largest city and the locale of our headquarters.  They sang and danced, and delighted themselves and the observers.  We had fun!  Below you see Trish Ross, MOMS Education Director, speaking at the Jamboree.  She asked members of the Leadership Council to step forward and accept the praise of their colleagues and our guests.  They were so proud!

The Train the Trainer session was most excellent.  Six student trainers worked hard to learn about MOMS model and philosophies and values.  They practiced using active learning techniques to teach.  They studied the content carefully and asked important questions.  MOMS future is assured!  Below you see the class and some of our staff. 

L to R:  Trish, Zainab, Augusta, Yatta, Lydia, Sama, Zainab, Jo, Abie, Mariama, and Jitta!


 Jitta Rogers Seisay receives the award from a member of the High Court.  We are so proud!

MOMS received the Sierra Leone NGO Awards 2022

"Awarded to Midwives on Missions of Service For outstanding performance in the NGO Sector and commitment to best practices, socioeconomic growth, and the Sustainable Development Goals in Sierra Leone.” 

The letter that came with it said we were chosen because we...

”demonstrate humanitarian and development excellence and the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity, and social responsibility.  Your NGO stood out as leaders who exemplify leadership, innovation, commitment, ethical standards, and best practices in the NGO community in Sierra Leone.”

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