MOMS Values & Philosophy

All decisions must emphasize certain values that are ultimately based on respect.  

  • Development (rather than relief)
    • Capacity 
    • Resilience
    • Sustainability 
    • Independence
  • Partnership (rather than paternalism or sentimentality)
    • Working from an aggregate of strengths to mitigate weaknesses
    • Consistently displaying mutual respect at all levels
    • Balance and reciprocity in decision-making
  • Anti-colonialism (rather than accommodation to and tolerance of systemic harm)
    • Challenging assumptions about competence
    • Recognition of all strengths and weaknesses
    • Self-control
  • Effectiveness (rather than complacency or wishful thinking)
    • Hallmarks of effective work include pride, satisfaction, hope, and confidence.
    • Reality, including finances, technology, and social issues, shapes decisions.

We serve women who in many cases are on the edge of life.  We aim to improve women's and children's lives by helping provide excellent reproductive health care.  We prepare women to support their communities skillfully.

Only slightly humorous, but tells an important story.  Did you know that much of the burning of rainforests is to make room to plant coconut trees and build factories to bottle coconut water, milk, and oil — for residents of the US, Europe, Canada?  Towns and farms are burned and so is wildlife.  Townspeople left homeless often end up working as slaves to benefit these gigantic corporations.  

MOMS' Philosophy

MOMS’ primary work is development, not crisis intervention or relief; we do not replace local staff or become part of a supply chain.  We are sensitive to the danger of creating dependence on us.  Volunteers and staff avoid working in clinics or implying in any way that we can provide better care than the local staff. 

MOMS values effective and efficient training.  MOMS' leadership includes people with extensive experience and credentials in training and teaching.  A key part of MOMS' program is applying a variety of adult learning theories in a way that makes sense for the subject matter, the learners, and the context.  MOMS' teaching is based on respect for the learners and for their government.

MOMS is a humanitarian organization, not a religious one.  However, many people work with MOMS as an expression of their spirituality and beliefs about service.  MOMS' supporters, volunteers, and staff represent several traditions including various forms of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism.  We cherish these perspectives, seeing the value that each brings.  

All of us, including the women we teach, place a high value on service. 

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