MOMS Plans

We are planning to continue training an outstanding class of six trainers.  They have completed most of their academics, learning about learning theories, MOMS philosophy and values, the lesson plans, classroom management, etc.  They each taught three modules, getting thorough feedback.  

We hope in the Autumn of 2023 to return and teach a class of Community Health Workers with the student trainers.  When they pass the course, they will earn their own CHW certificate and be almost done with earning their MOMS Trainer Certificate.  They will have to train with us a couple more times before we are satisfied.  

What happens if they don’t pass the CHW class?  They wash out of the program.  We have stringent standards and do not compromise.  

So in the Autumn, we plan to go to the eastern part of the Kenema District to teach in a medium sized area.  If that doesn’t work out, we will go to the Pujehun District where several areas have been asking for us.  

We certainly have many sites to choose from.  Once we get more trainers, we will be able to train more often.  That will be a very good thing.  

Here are a couple of snapshots from previous Jamborees:

IMG 0401

One of our groups performs a skit showing the importance of family planning in ensuring a family’s food security and education for the children.  In spite of the seemingly mundane topic, the skit was hilarious, leading our guests from the Ministry of Health to howl with laughter.  It was fun!

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Here are nine of our groups ready for a parade

IMG 4038.jpeg

Our meeting was ”crashed” by the men’s secret society.  It took a little firm diplomacy
to make them leave, but we did it without causing an international incident!

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